Tournament will begin

according to schedule. Any player not seated when the tournament begins will be blinded off in normal order.

It is not possible

to change seats during a tournament, unless directed by a tournament official.

No string bets

are allowed. All bets and raises must be made in one motion or announced.

Should two or more 

players be eliminated on the same hand, the player with more chips at the beginning of the hand will be placed higher. If players started the hands with identical amounts of chips, then both players tie for the rank and any prizes due to those players will be distributed equally among them. In the event equal distribution is not possible, there will be a drawing for the prizes between the players that tie.

Players may be 

moved in or out of the blind for a table break or due to elimination.

With only two

players remaining, the button will post the small blind and act last on the opening round.

The tournament 

will end when one player accumulates all chips in play.

Hands exposed

before showdown (the end of betting) are subject to disqualification. If a player is unsure of when to expose his or her cards, they should ask the dealer or a floor person.

Bets and raises

raises must be equal to or greater than the big blind and/or the last bet during the hand’s betting round.

Verbal action

(checks, calls, bets, and raises) are binding when heard or understood by

the dealer.

Re-buys may be purchased

for $100 during the first 5 levels (1 hour and 40 minutes) for 10,000 chips
under the following conditions:

       • The player must have 10,000 or less in chips after completing the hand.
       • A new hand can not have been dealt.
       • Players without any chips remaining may purchase two re-buys ($200)
          before the start of the next hand.
       • No player may re-buy to more than 20,000 in chips at any time.

An add-on $200 for 30,000 chips may be

purchased after the fifth level of play by any players remaining in the tournament. Anyone can purchase an add-on no matter how many chips they have and each person can only buy 1 add-on.

All Floor Person decisions are FINAL.



9401Knight Rd.

Houston, TX 77045

2021 Date TBA

Registration begins

at 10 a.m.

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